3 Things To Keep In Mind About Tipping After A Limo Ride

Climbing into the backseat of a limo for a night of fun touring around with some of your closest friends is an exciting proposition. Whether you're planning on hitting a handful of bars or pubs or have simply decided to kick up the classiness of your usual method of transportation, a limo ride can be your answer. At the end of the night, tipping your driver is the appropriate way to express your thanks. [Read More]

Learn How To Pull A Trailer For Your First Time

If you have recently moved to a location where you have to haul your own trash to the dump, having a trailer can make the process easier because you will not have to put dirty trash in your vehicle and can go to the dump less often. If your loved one usually tows the trailer but is out of town or unavailable to tow it and you need to do it for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming. [Read More]

How To Plan A Trip To San Antonio For Your Home School Group

Are you planning to take your home school group on a super field trip to San Antonio, Texas? If so, parents and students alike are in for a wonderful adventure. San Antonio has many local attractions and the kids will learn about different cultures while they are in this charming city. From transportation to food, here are some ideas that will help you make this trip a memorable one. Transportation - Rent a motor coach. [Read More]

Assistance Animals And Taxis In Washington: What Passengers Need To Know

Experts estimate that around 54 million people in the United States have a disability, and many of these people use assistance animals and guide dogs. Traveling around a major city like Washington D.C. is stressful and hectic for anyone, but people with assistance animals often need extra help. Learn more about what you should expect from a taxi driver if you use an assistance animal, and find out more about your rights as a disabled traveler. [Read More]