4 Tips For Transporting Guests To And From Your Event

Whether you are hosting a wedding or a large birthday party, you should always consider the transportation of your guests. If there is limited parking close to the event, you should schedule to have professional transportation services take guests to and from the event. Here are four tips for doing this: Do a Dry Run: When thinking about transportation for your guests, it's best to do a dry run at the same time and day of the week that the event is going to take place. [Read More]

Party Like A Rock Star! Head To The Concert In Style On Your Own Private Charter Bus

If you had just scored tickets to one of the hottest concerts this year, you are most likely ecstatic and looking forward to the good time you have promised in your future. One way to enhance the experience of a concert is by tailgating beforehand. If you are interested in going above and beyond in your party efforts both before and after the performance, hiring a party bus can be a wonderful way to make the entire night one to remember forever. [Read More]

Spice Up Your Special Events With A Party Bus

While many people associate party buses with bachelorette parties and proms, these vehicles can serve a variety of purposes. If you want to make your next special event more memorable, then renting a party bus could be the answer. Here are three unique events that could be enhanced with the services of a party bus in the future. 1. Make looking at holiday lights more memorable with a party bus. [Read More]

Three Ways To Avoid Getting Seasick On A Ferry

Taking a ferry between two cities provides you with a unique method of transportation and an opportunity to find yourself in a picturesque setting. Depending on the size of the ferry, you can often climb out of your car, take a walk around and meet other travelers. If you're concerned about getting seasick, however, you might be tentative to board the ferry. Don't let this fear cause you to miss out on this opportunity. [Read More]