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3 Tips For Renting A Limo For Homecoming

Homecoming, for many schools, is one of the biggest dances of the year. If you want to take a limo to homecoming, you need to start planning your big day in advance of the dance.

Get Your Group Together

When you want to rent a limo, you need to have a solid group together at least a month before the dance. That means you are going to need to have your friends figure out if they are going to bring a date or go solo. You are going to need to get a solid commitment from your friends and make sure that you include and ask everyone in your group if they are going to want to participate.

You need to know how many people want to take a limo to the dance so that you know what size of limo to make a reservation for. Limo companies get busy around homecoming season, so it may not be possible to increase the size of your vehicle closer to the dance, which is why you need to nail down the number of people who want to take the limo ahead of time.

Gather the Money

Once you have your group together and you know how much it will cost to rent a limo of the appropriate size, you are going to want to gather the money for the limo. This is not something that you want to wait until the last minute to do. You want to have all of the money for the limo collected before the last day that you can cancel your reservation without a financial penalty.

Luckily, there are all sorts of apps now that allow you to easily collect money from friends. A few apps that you could potentially use include Venmo, GroupMe, Square Cash, or Google Wallet. The key is to find an app that works for you and your friends and set a date whereby everyone has to get in their money for the limo.

If everyone doesn't pay up before the cancellation date, you may need to cancel the limo or you may need to change the reservation size to fit with the number of people who can pay for the limo.

When arranging a limo for homecoming, you need to get together the group of friends you want to share the limo with early on, make your reservation, and collect all the money before your cancellation date to ensure that your group can pay for the limo.

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