A Night to Remember

Party Like A Rock Star! Head To The Concert In Style On Your Own Private Charter Bus

If you had just scored tickets to one of the hottest concerts this year, you are most likely ecstatic and looking forward to the good time you have promised in your future. One way to enhance the experience of a concert is by tailgating beforehand. If you are interested in going above and beyond in your party efforts both before and after the performance, hiring a party bus can be a wonderful way to make the entire night one to remember forever. Here are some tips to use to have an enjoyable experience with your group when renting a party bus to see a concert with friends.

Start Preparations Early

Many people discuss the prospect in renting a party bus for a large event but fail to follow through in time. Friends will make alternate transportation arrangements as the concert draws closer, making it less cost-effective to pay for a large bus rental. To avoid getting shut out on the party bus idea, rally up as many friends as possible right after tickets to the concert go on sale. Having a large group will ensure each rider will pay the least amount toward the full fee of the rental cost.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry

Have each rider bring a long a snack to enjoy with the other guests on the party bus. The bus will be well-equipped with refrigeration units and freezers to hold any edibles until they are needed. Many party buses are previously stocked with a wide selection of liquor. Call the party bus service in advance to get a list of the alcohol on board and purchase any special types you may want to bring along for unique cocktails. 

With the food and drinks right on the bus, there is no need for guests to worry about stopping for a bite on the way to or from the concert. There is also no worry at all about someone having a bit too much cheer as they are not going to be getting behind the wheel.

Let Down Your Hair And Have Fun

A party bus will have a premiere sound system on board in addition to aesthetics that will get all guests in the mood to dance. Consider bringing along compact discs by the artist or group you are going to see in concert to get guests in the mood for the performance they will soon be enjoying.

Try a few games to get everyone in a festive mood while riding to the concert in style. Tape a large poster of the group or artist to a wall in the party bus and hold a game of "pin the microphone to the hand" (pin the tail on the donkey style). Hold a lip sync contest before the real performance. Have someone take a video of each participant and post them to a social media site so other friends unable to attend will get a feel for the fun your group is having. When the concert is over, the party can continue while en route home.