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Three Ways To Avoid Getting Seasick On A Ferry

Taking a ferry between two cities provides you with a unique method of transportation and an opportunity to find yourself in a picturesque setting. Depending on the size of the ferry, you can often climb out of your car, take a walk around and meet other travelers. If you're concerned about getting seasick, however, you might be tentative to board the ferry. Don't let this fear cause you to miss out on this opportunity. While it's ideal to take the ferry when the water looks calm, there are several other strategies you can use to help avoid getting seasick. Here are three.

Breathe The Fresh Air

Find a spot on the ferry that you can smell the fresh air and feel it blowing against your face. This is beneficial because fresh air has a calming effect for many people, which makes it helpful if you're feeling anxious about the ride due to a concern of being sick. On a small ferry, make sure that you're standing well away from the motor so that you can't smell any exhaust fumes. It's also beneficial to avoid fellow travelers who might be wearing a heavy amount of perfume or who are eating something that smells strong, given that strong scents can often increase feelings of nausea.

Watch In The Distance

It's ideal to keep an eye on the horizon for the entirety of your ferry trip. You don't need to stare at it, but making a point of watching far in the distance can help you avoid being seasick. By focusing your gaze far away, the up-and-down movements of the boat will seem less severe, which won't send a distressing message to your inner ear. Don't make the mistake of looking at the water directly around the boat or focusing on the ferry's movements compared to the horizon. Anytime you see these movements, you're increasing your risk of feeling nausea.

Avoid Heavy Meals

Make sure that the diet you consume before taking the ferry is nausea-friendly. Stay away from foods that are overly greasy or spicy or that might trigger feelings of reflux. If you're already feeling a little lightheaded, the last thing you need to experience is an active stomach. It's also ideal to avoid alcohol, which may make you feel lightheaded. When in doubt, have a light lunch -- something like crackers or toast can be ideal -- and eat a larger meal once you're back on solid ground.

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