A Night to Remember

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Tipping After A Limo Ride

Climbing into the backseat of a limo for a night of fun touring around with some of your closest friends is an exciting proposition. Whether you're planning on hitting a handful of bars or pubs or have simply decided to kick up the classiness of your usual method of transportation, a limo ride can be your answer. At the end of the night, tipping your driver is the appropriate way to express your thanks. Although the person who signed the rental agreement is theoretically responsible for the tip, it's important for every passenger to understand the key rules of tipping because it's common for the passengers to pool their money for the tip. Here are three things you'll need to know.

Know The General Guideline

It's advantageous to always have a number in mind when you're preparing to tip for any service; for limo transportation, the guideline is between 10 and 15 percent. If you're the person who took care of the rental agreement, you'll be able to quickly calculate the appropriate tip range based on the rental cost; if you're a passenger, you won't know this information and you might feel shy about asking. As such, prepare for your limo experience by making sure that you have several small-denomination bills in your wallet. This way, if you're asked to contribute toward the tip, you'll be ready.

Consider The Variables

Evaluating a variety of variables can help you decide the percentage that you wish to tip. It's always important to consider the experience as a passenger – ask yourself if the driver was on time, if the driving style was smooth and if the driver arrived at each of your desired locations with ease. You can also gauge any interactions that you and your group had with the driver. Some drivers will be quieter and others will engage you more, but all should be friendly and eager to make your experience memorable. If the driver meets all these criteria positively, it's conventional to tip around 15 percent.

Don't Infringe On The Driver's Responsibilities

You might have the best of intentions, but infringing on the driver's responsibilities of opening the vehicle door and handling any luggage you might have can make for an awkward moment. Because the driver expects to perform these jobs for the passengers, he or she might think that you're performing them so you can tip less. When in doubt, let the driver handle things – just make sure that your tip reflects this level of care.