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Learn How To Pull A Trailer For Your First Time

If you have recently moved to a location where you have to haul your own trash to the dump, having a trailer can make the process easier because you will not have to put dirty trash in your vehicle and can go to the dump less often. If your loved one usually tows the trailer but is out of town or unavailable to tow it and you need to do it for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming. Use the guide that follows to learn how to hook up the truck to your trailer so you can easily tow the trash to your local dump.

Prepare the Trailer

The first thing you need to do is turn the handle attached to the leg of the trailer coupler. The coupler is the portion of the trailer that slips onto the ball hitch of your truck. You should only need to raise it an inch or two. Pull out the small pin in the lever on top of the ball hitch and lift the lever so that the coupler can secure to the hitch.

Carefully Line Up Your Hitch with the Trailer Coupler

Next, you need to back up the hitch of the truck to the trailer coupler. It is important to take your time when lining the two up because it is not always easy to do at first. Have someone help guide you to the coupler if possible to make the process easier.

Secure the Trailer

Once you have the coupler over the ball hitch on your truck, use the lever attached to the leg of the coupler to lower it onto the ball. All of the weight of the trailer needs to fall onto the ball in order for the lever on the coupler to be able to go down all the way. If you notice that the trailer is sitting directly on the ball, but will not go down all the way, pull the truck forward slightly and the coupler should fall onto the ball, allowing you to put the lever down. Once the lever is down, put the pin back into the lever to secure it and ensure it doesn't come up while you are pulling the trailer.

Secure the Safety Chains

There will be two chains connected to the bottom of the coupler. Hook the chain secured to the left side of the coupler, pull it under the coupler, and secure it to the hole located to the right side of your ball hitch. Take the other chain and pull it under the coupler and secure it to the hole on the left side of the ball hitch. The chains will catch the coupler if it comes loose while you are driving so that you will have time to pull over before it starts to drag on the ground.

Connect the Power

There will be a small adapter that has many holes in it attached to the trailer. Look on the back of the truck and you should be able to plug the power adapter into the opening that has numerous prongs to supply power to the trailer. Be sure to test the power to the trailer by pressing the brakes on the truck and the blinkers.

Once you have tested to make sure that the trailer has power, remove the blocks from behind or in front of the wheels of the cargo trailer. Blocks are put in place to keep the wheels from rolling once the trailer is discounted from the truck. You will now be ready to tow the trash to the dump.