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How To Plan A Trip To San Antonio For Your Home School Group

Are you planning to take your home school group on a super field trip to San Antonio, Texas? If so, parents and students alike are in for a wonderful adventure. San Antonio has many local attractions and the kids will learn about different cultures while they are in this charming city. From transportation to food, here are some ideas that will help you make this trip a memorable one.

Transportation - Rent a motor coach. Of course, you could all travel in your own family vehicle. Because of the cost of gasoline being low right now, the expense wouldn't be that great. However, traveling together in a motor coach would add to the fun. You can even rent a school bus. Be sure to get an exact number of parents and kids who will be traveling so you will know how many vehicles to rent. Once you get to San Antonio, driving can be a bit tricky, so be sure that your drivers are comfortable with that. There will be plenty of places you can park your rental school bus or motor coach, as San Antonio is used to having large groups in the city.

What To Do - You could live in San Antonio all your life and not see all that the area has to offer. However, you can also see the highlights in a weekend. Base yourselves in the downtown area, if you can. By doing that, you will be in walking distance of The Alamo, the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, La Villita, the Mexican Market and beautiful historic hotels. If you have time, visit the San Antonio Zoo. You'll find plenty of Mexican food restaurants for which the city is famous. Part of the charm of the area is found in surrounding little towns. Again, you'll be glad you rented a school bus or a motor coach because you can travel to these towns together. Visit New Braunfels, Boerne or Fredericksburg for a taste of Germany. In any of those little towns you can also enjoy some delicious German food. For a downright fun time, take your rented vehicle to Six Flags Over Texas or to Sea World.

Be sure to bring your cameras to San Antonio so you can capture memories forever. For more information about renting a motor coach or school bus, contact a business such as Woodlawn Motor. Also, ask what amenities they offer on the vehicle.