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4 Things You Need As A Bicyclist On A Trip Through The Grand Canyon

With wide open views of the beautiful surroundings, fresh mountainous airs, and mile after mile of roadway trails to discover, taking a trip through the Grand Canyon on a bicycle is an ideal way to explore this scenic area if you are open to adventure. Before you head out on your long bicycle trip through one of the most fascinating places in the country, make sure you are fully prepared with the right bicycle equipment. Head to the local bike shop, let them know about the bicycle trip through the Grand Canyon you are planning, and check out a few must-haves while you are there. 

1. Brightly-Colored Bicycle Reflectors - Visibility on the roadways surrounding the Grand Canyon can get fairly low, especially early in the morning or late in the evening when fog starts to settle. Also, there are no lanes in the area that are set aside specifically for bicyclists, so you will be sharing the roadways with other vehicles. Make sure your bike is visible with brightly-colored reflectors and reflective tape applied to wheels, the back of the seat, and even across the handlebars. 

2. Versatile Cyclist Clothing - In the Grand Canyon, temperatures and the climate can rapidly change as you roll your way through shaded and sunlit areas. Make sure the clothing you are wearing is versatile enough to keep you comfortable. Grab a few light layers and add them to your biking pack, such as rank tops, thin windbreakers, and a waterproof rain jacket. If the temperatures change drastically fast, you should be dressed in a way that will allow you to peel away layers or add more if necessary. 

3. Waterproof Mileage Tracker - With so much to see and enjoy, you could easily drive for miles through the Grand Canyon without even realizing just how far away you are veering from a planned route. Adding a digital mileage tracker to your bike will help you keep a closer watch on how far you have traveled in any particular direction. Some of these actually have back-lit screens for easy visibility and an implemented odometer. 

4. Extra Storage Case - You should never venture off on a long journey through the canyon without having an extra stash of supplies on hand. Just in case something happens, you will need to have plenty of food, water, and other necessary supplies on hand. Equip your bike with an extra storage case before you head out and make sure it is filled with the necessities.