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How To Recognize Limos In Other Countries And How To Ask For A Limo There

Although Americans recognize the limos that exist here in the states, you may not recognize these cars in other countries. A limo can take on many different forms, and unless you specify at the airport what kind of limo you want, you could end up  with something that does not look anything like what you would expect. To avoid disappointment or curious looks you may give your driver, here are several other unusual limos in other countries and how to ask for your expected car service specifically.

The Cuban Limo

If you land in Cuba and ask for a limo, you may be very surprised at what arrives. The most common limo here looks like a yellow taxi that has been stretched on the rack. Its bright yellow color and boxy appearance catches many visitors off-guard, even though it is symbolic with wealth in Cuba. If you would rather not be driven around in a bright yellow stretch limo, be sure to ask the car service in the Cuban airport for a black stretch sedan or just a black sedan with a chauffeur.

The German Limo

Another boxy-shaped limo, the German version adds some extra windows in the middle of a most unusual shape. While it may feel strange to be riding in a car that was German-engineered and designed originally to be a straight luxury car without the stretch feature, you may just want to take a ride in one of these anyway. The very unique outward appearance with very luxurious interiors may prove to be a nice addition to your adventures and experiences of all things German in Germany. If you cannot reconcile yourself to the exterior image, then be sure to ask for a specific manufacturer of limousine, since several car services in Germany feature many different makes and models of limos.

The Italian Limo

Made by a well-recognized car company that only recently moved into production of luxury sedans, the Italian version of the limo is actually an elongated utility vehicle that can go over any terrain. It is not stylish, but if you plan to take a driver over some Italian mountains or rocky countryside, then the Italian limo will manage it perfectly.  You may be able to rent the Italian version of a limo if you are driving across a great expanse of Italy, and then trade it in for a luxury model of a sedan body-style limo when you know you will be staying and traveling in one of Italy's major cities.