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Traction Deck Coating Options For Your Used Car Hauler

If you are in the market for a used car hauler to expand your trucking business to include transporting vehicles, then it is important that you understand the options you have for traction deck coating. An application of deck coating will help you more easily load vehicles when the weather is cold and wet, and as an added bonus, the traction coating will also act as a safety measure for when you are walking on your trailer's decking to secure and inspect your loads.

There are four types of deck coatings that are used today on car haulers: 

  1. anti-skid tape
  2. traction spray paint
  3. brush-on non-skid paint
  4. professional electrostatic paint

Here is some information on each of these types of deck coatings so that you will know more about them when you are shopping for your used car hauler:

Anti-Skid Tape

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to add traction to a car hauler's decking is to apply some anti-skid tape. The tape can be purchased at any home improvement center and is sold in a variety of different widths. While the tape is a good option, if you are hauling cars everyday, then you should opt for a more permanent option.

Traction Spray Paint

There are many traction paints on the market that can be sprayed onto the metal decks of your car hauler. These paints contain grit and have a larger hole on their cans to allow the grit to be sprayed out without clogging.

Brush-On Non-Skid Paint

As with spray paints, there are also many different non-skid paints on the market that you can paint onto the decks and ramps of your car hauler. The paints contain grit and can be applied using a brush or a roller. If you would prefer a lot of grit in the paint, then you can purchase optional containers o grit to add into the paint.

Professional Electrostatic Paint

Finally, while your car hauler is too large to powder coat it using traditional baking methods, you can have a local body shop apply a layer of electrostatic paint onto the decks of your car hauler. This type of paint has a similar texture to powder coating and the painter can add some grit into the paint for more slip-resistance. The electrostatic paint can be tinted any color of the rainbow and can be used to compliment the paint job of your trailer.