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Preteen Scene: 4 Tips For Hosting A Memorable Limo Party

By the time your kid hits their preteen years, it can seem as if every birthday party idea has been exhausted. Yet, this is also the time when social pressure can turn birthday celebrations into competitions to see who can throw the best. Fortunately, a limo party offers a fun alternative to traditional slumber parties while allowing you to create a customized experience for your guests. As you plan your kid's birthday, use these tips to throw a memorable party that will make your kid feel like a superstar.

Choose a Theme

The right theme will give you a starting point for planning the decorations and activities. Try to avoid popular characters that may give the party a childish tone. Instead, opt for broad themes such as sports, movies and video games that can allow you to capitalize on the luxury feel of the limo. For example, a kid who dreams of becoming the next big sports star will love getting dressed up in their favorite fan gear and taking a chauffeured ride with their friends to a sporting event.

Select Your Destination

Arriving at any destination in a limo is sure to garner attention, and your group will love stepping out in style. For a girl's party, consider arranging for a limo ride to a salon or spa where your guests can enjoy a simple manicure or have their hair styled for the ultimate glamor experience. Concerts, movie theaters and amusement parks are a few more destinations that can take on new appeal when kids are transported by a limo. If you will be traveling between multiple destinations, keep the fun going with games such as limousine scavenger hunt or karaoke.

Share Limo Etiquette

For most of your party guests, this will be their first time to enjoy limo transportation so don't forget to include a few basic etiquette tips. Typically, the guest of honor rides in the curbside passenger seat so that they are the first ones out when you reach the main event. Passengers should also remain in the car so that they chauffeur can come around and open the doors. Taking a moment to teach these little tips will prepare your group for future luxury rides as they enter adulthood. After all, prom is just around the corner.

Watching your little one grow up can be bittersweet, but making memories is what birthday parties are all about. Sure, your kid may not be excited about clowns and pizza parties anymore, but that just means that you have a new opportunity to take them on exciting adventures. This year, throw the best party in your kid's class by planning a limo party that will have everyone talking about their luxury experience.